MOOCMOOC Wednesday continued….

So why I hate technology

or more specifically WordPress right now. After working on this entry for over an hour I went to publish and it just wouldn’t save the final document (it was trying to save for over half an hour). So I cancelled the post and voila! Everything gone. I violated one of my rules to write everything in Word first. Perhaps that is one of the problems with the digital age. It is, after all, dependent on the program working, the power being on, me being hooked up to the net and having a computer or phone. It may have been more productive for me to pick up my pen!

Well so much for my insight on the last topic for Wednesday’s MOOCMOOCs question. In an nutshell I agree that collaboration between all parties is the way of the future, and will be responsible for the renewal of all our institutions from early education to higher ed. Please check out this doc to see how the European Union views education in the future. They’re way ahead of us in terms of collaborating for educational reform, the role of collaboration and what they see as the key competencies for learning in the 21st century.

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