MOOCMOOCs Saturday

So today is the day to reflect on what I have learned in this MOOC and I believe I’ve learned a lot and reflected on it quite a bit already (See here). I think the biggest lesson I learned is that it’s ok to get lost in the noise, that being confused is alright and perhaps even normal for a cMOOC. I was introduced to different perspectives, and talked to a lot of people. What will come of it I am not sure. Was I as fully engaged as I could have been and the answer is, no. To engage to the depth required would have demanded more time than I was able to give and still spend time in the non-digital world. I have learned how to connect, somewhat successfully, with others in the digital world but also realize that it is a skill set that needs to be developed. I will be applying what I have learned to my job as we move forward in designing new learning spaces in the professional world. Thanks so much for the experience!

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