How to respond to criticism and influence people

And here is a lovely post!

Experiments in the world of moocery

This is a post intended to cheerlead. To express appreciation for the example being sdet by the MOOC organisers, and to talk about how that example, in part, has a large determining influence on the MOOC experience. I apologise in advance for any gushing, typos, formatting weirdness, or weirdly wired thoughts. I’m crying from tiredness.

I’ve been struck by several things during #etmooc. Some I’ve posted about – notably issues with learning curves, drowning in technology, connection, learning and information.

I’ve posted about the difficulties of being a novice in a Connectivist environment, of maintaining motivation, and I proposed some solutions.

Here’s Alec’s response to post criting the MOOC from a novices persepective, The Sense of self, how a MOOC can make or undermine you (and by criticism I mean reflection, and constructive suggestion)

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  1. wiltwhatman says:

    Thanks for the reblog. And the read.

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