DNLE and other relationships

Well fellow etmoocers, moocmoocers and DNLE alumni I passed the DNLE course and have my certificate in my hands (I’m old school- I printed it). So how am I feeling right now? Elated! Yes DNLE did evaluate my work, yes there were issues with the course (but now I realise that there are issues in every course, online or off- the challenges are just different to overcome) but I wouldn’t be wending my way through the mooc world and having these amazing conversations about learning, educating, philosophy and other subjects (I use Pinterest and yes I post recipes!) if I hadn’t started there. 


While DNLE was not the first mooc I had taken, DNLE was the start of my true adventure in online education and the wonderful thing about it is it just keeps giving back. Yes I worked hard, handed in my assignments and thought deep thoughts but I also connected with others who continue, through our ongoing dialogue, to influence me today. And that is what sharing and accountability responsibility are about. As a fellow etmoocer Jeannine St. Amand mentioned in her blog http://jeanninestamand.com/2013/01/29/what-you-share-with-the-world/ we are all part of the etmooc river.



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