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Connected Learning Mooc

So I’ve joined clmooc and I’m a little late to the party. But that’s ok because this is a “participate when you want, where you can, do what you want to do” mooc. A “choose your own adventure” mooc. Similar … Continue reading

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Failure and failing

So this week’s topic in our Openspokes fellowship is failure, something we are all intimately acquainted with, for who has not failed at a task, at a crucial moment, sometimes with serious consequences? Who ends up a goat and goes … Continue reading

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Being Open and the Open Web

Well, currently I am enrolled in Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Coursera) and Teachtheweb through Mozilla, plus being a member of several communities so I am feeling a little s t r e t c h e d. Both physically … Continue reading

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Teach the web, Postetmooc and other activities

So I am about to embark on another mooc type endeavour, with Mozilla’s Teach the Web. I’ll see how it turns out. I am already feeling a little anxious because of course I’ve forgotten how to connect my blog to … Continue reading

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